IT Solutions

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Thanks to their expertise and experience, the Ixarys teams offer several value-added solutions. As well as their software development, Ixarys also offers four additional services.

We can provide efficient Security & EDM solutions. The confidentiality and the management of your files rest through a back-up system or by a secure server and customers’ back-up. Those are effective services for SMEs, Municipalities and Self-Employed Professionals.

We also offer Auditing & Consulting in the IT security.  Our solutions can include the creation of a secure range of products or the study and development of security tools/appliances. The selection of options we offer is wide, and generates strong added value to your business.  

All the training is provided by the Ixarys team so that you can improve your competence in traceability and IT skills. You can also benefit from the implementation of quality processes.

Lastly, thanks to our service, you can protect your business (SME, warehouse, store) with IP Video Surveillance. The surveillance of your site is implemented by IP or 3G independent surveillance units.

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