Tracing for Winemaking businesses

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Paramount to the development of your activity.

Traceability in the Food Industry is compulsory. It consists in keeping track of the making of a product. As a result, the Winemaking Industry must adapt to new regulations.  
For many years, tracing methods have been imposed not only in the food industry but also in the wine growing industry.
The objectives are numerous:

  • Safety and quality must be guaranteed
  • Regulations (Customs/AOP)
  • Customers’ satisfaction    

From vines to bottles, from stock management to payments made to cooperative wineries, Ixarys offers flexible and innovative tracing software for wine producers.   
From wine cultivation to sales and harvesting, our wine tracing software offer multiple solutions to develop your activity: vine treatment, follow-up of the winery.
Moreover, all internal procedures required for traceability purposes in the winery are simplified:

  • Files Management
  • Information Sharing

 Your productivity time is therefore increased by 30%.

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