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Tracing software for wineries

TracingCuve is a software solution that will allow you anticipate your harvest, optimize your vat storage, and make follow-up, tracing and bottling easier.  
All your wine tracing data will be recorded in real-time and will be available whenever necessary.
In case of Customs or Health & Safety checks, the traceability of the wine making procedures will quickly be made available. Compliance with standards such as Appellation of Origin (PDO, PGI, Wine table…) has never been so simple!

Tracing for wineries made easy

TracingCuve is a modular software that can adapt to the specific needs and size of your business. It can evolve and will constantly meet your current and future needs.
Quickly familiarize yourself with TracingCuve thanks to a customized training designed for new users. The Ixarys team is committed to supporting you whenever needed.  
TracingCuve was awarded the Euroward Paca Jury Prize for its innovative approach.

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Main functions

Monitoring the vat house:

  • Monitoring fermentation and maturation in vats
  • Stock control (Input/Output)
  • Wine records and historic
  • Barrel and cask management
  • ERP connector: Wine & Spirit (c) or TracingGest (c)

Optimizing the wine vinification monitoring:

  • Monitoring of harvesting
  • Follow-up of oenological products
  • Follow-up of test results
  • Compliance with Health & Safety regulations

Human Resources Management:

  • Assigning tasks and Work Plan for team members
  • Editing work orders
  • Sick leave management

Managing stocks:

  • Dry goods management (conditioning & packaging materials)
  • Oenological product management
  • Suppliers‘ orders follow-up

SQL database & Modules compatibility:

  • Core engine management based on LAVILOG (c)
  • Compatible tools and connectors LAMOUROUX (c)  
  • Data and files extraction (Excel, PDF formats)  
  • Dashboard Management
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Our customers’ feedback


Thanks to the support of the Ixarys team, we were able to familiarize ourselves with the TracingCurve software in less than one day

Free Online Demo

“TracingCuve”, the tracing solution for winemakers. Please contact us for a free and complete demo.

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Evolution and connectivity

All our software are modular so they offer more functions.
TracingCuve can be connected to the following solutions:










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